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Full Size Bottle of DIoviburnia. Neuroslne and Cermllelum. with literature and complete Formulae furnished

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62 Walton, The Cult of Asklepios, pp. 43 f.; cf. also von Wiliamo-

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155 Erman, in APAW, pp. 43-44, verso 3, line 8, to page 4, line 2;

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what the doctor needs most. We want facts, not fancies. — O. L. Hudson, M. D., Glade-

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10 per cent of purchase, to cover us on transportation charges. If

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the sacred serpents (Pliny, op. cit., xxix, 22) and dogs

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it is kept in stock ; the alcoliol also increases the fluidity and likewise

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tumors, menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, metritis, conjunc¬

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on the Main, and Dr. Guye, of Amsterdam ; The Artificial Opening of