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in American Journal of Philology, 1891, xii, 425-429.

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advances, and in so doing changes its form, while the shift-

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played a very small part in the aetiology ; masturbation, among

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disease by suspension and the plaster-of-Paris jacket, as carried

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emphasizes throughout the volume the importance of the mechanical,

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profitable discussion, as forming the basis for a study of the

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sponding surfaces of the thalami and the fornicolumnie.

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of silver, and the wounds should be sprinkled with sub-

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normal vesicular resonance." This discrepancy of statement he

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were shaven, and they wore white linen. Worshippers

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would cause the liquid nutriment in the bottle to flow out of

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must be invoked to secure relief. Sin and disease were on

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Hippolytus, 170 ft.). Epilepsy was supposed to be passed

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traced. There was no |)leHritis; all the thoracic viscera were

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answer. He therefore made one free incision through the in-

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of the vaso-motor centers of the medulla. The latter, espe-

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The intravenous injection of strophanthin has been tried more re-

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Men in Health and Disease, especially in Hospitals, Infirmaries, and

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the patient urged to breathe rapidly. If she pushes it aside

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cases the operation was followed by a slight plastic iritis,

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malleoli is then put into the projecting loop of plaster, and to

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ous estimations. It includes the following instruments:

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a fine grove near Acharaka in the Maiandros valley, be¬

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"Times," an analysis of a return of the experiments performed