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good fibrous imion, which will now be stimulated by pas-

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Case I. The patient was a man, thirty-five years old, a

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water i-; added to make 20 c.c. and to c.c. is inject-

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ail ignore one of the chief factors of success, the

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eral, the thermic equilibrium is disturbed in tuber-

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about 4x7 mm., surrounded by velvety mucous membrane,

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Alimentary Tract. Copiously Illustrated with Numerous

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the fact that certain other hospitals advertised in all

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lung, and not infrequently the outlint- of the foreign

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eases of the bones is less brilliant. In this class of

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hospital where he remained for three weeks. On coming

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axis of a plant may be severed from the parent, its

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to know when her uterus was perforated, and how long

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has recently reported several operations, chiefly am-

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sule filled with carmine stains the faeces if given

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obvious that the problems arising in connection with psychiatry

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urine, tissues, and epidennal scales have been care-

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"Not at all. We were fooled on all of these cases, excepting one

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(lull mentally, conversed slowly but used words correctly

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urine, it should be placed tinder the lens of the mi-

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fessor of Physical Diagnosis in the Northwestern Uni-

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ner. The results exceeded the most brilliant results

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might offer the only hope of satisfactorily dealing

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1421 Court Place, Denver, Coi... Xoi'eiuhcr 1. ji)iu.

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been the end desired, but to bring this about has re-

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same quantity of fresh leaves will yield a decided propor-

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commencement exercises of a large majority of the medical

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surrounded by a firm capsule continuous with that of the

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— on account of its obviously sedative effects on that

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be upon any subject in medicine, but cannot have been pub-

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9'ic. 3. — Adhesive spool used in half corset where it is of ad-

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The word has also been derived from «z>j' (jave-

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for which the New York State Civil Service Commission

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XI9. Bougoiilt. Journal de pharmacie, 1903, 17, p. 97.

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neurosis. The overlyino^ edge can be sutured or left

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lytes causing coagulation or hysteresis. Lillie, in

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vomiting, at first the greens he had eaten, but afterwards bilious