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gestion from those of pulmonary oedema, and also from those of diseases

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4. Senile Gangrene. — It affects the aged, and is due to an impeded cir-

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extreme sensitiveness over the hepatic region with a peculiar friction sound

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terminate favorably, the amendment is usually gradual. The first sign of

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Plastic Phlebitis usually results from a wound and often arises

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combined with such alkalies as carbonate of potash and soda. In those

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increase in the size of the cardiac muscular fibres.' There may be more

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corresponding to that of the intestine. In the jejunum and large intes-

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history will aid and inapcctioii will jjrobably reveal the true state of affairs ;

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In those cases where there is no appreciable traumatic cause for the bleed-

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successful, must bo performed early, and not be delayed, as it usually

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Typhus des Aimies. Wilhelin Griesinger, Paris, 1868.

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Palpation may discover a venous thrill at the base of the neck.