and since one of them was dedicated “pro salutae [sic]
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Dr. Amidon thought there should be no more doubt about
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which it escapes. The cooling process can then be resumed
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In the early religion, there were no oracles, but the
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pseudo-Apuleius, de Herbis, 4), probably received its
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of office, usually one year, he made a full report to the
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mentioned murmur was decided to be diastolic ; and, on this
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best operation in the vast majority of cases, in that it is
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pen and ink on the inner surface of the cedar coffins, in¬
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They have also found that orneal opacities, uncomplicated with
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Spain, Greece, and Turkey, as well as from the United States
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uterus, known to be due to exfoliative endometritis, three cases
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of California, and T. George Allen, of the University of
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mended by many authors, especiaUy by the French. They maintain that
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the pupils undilated, the head drawn to the left side and flexed on
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dition of the skin that sometimes followed the inunction method of
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obtaining liis needles from England, or tempering them himself.
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John N. Mackenzie, M. D., etc. [Reprint from the "Trans, of
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difficulty in walking is not due so much to the shortening
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Dr. George L. Peabody referred to a proposed method
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Diet. — ^The fact already mentioned, that too abundant a diet may
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The Vice-Pkesidext referred lo a case which he had seen
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chill, rise of temperature, and other symptoms that might
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close, and arrests it in diastole ; it has a tctanizing effect on the mus-