Seven weeks after the operation the discharge had ceased
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healthy except the brain. A large effusion of blood was found
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Iuno was universally regarded as the goddess of ma¬
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ple to the gods and prayer, ordering them to go with
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N. Y., and Camden (annual), Morris (annual), and Sussex, N. J.,
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Sarco-Peptones. — This preparation of Dr. Rudisch, presented by
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and that with an operation there was but little hope of recov-
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The Romans, originally a small group of agricultural
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It is desirable that the temperature be taken always in
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bitter rivalry for the highest place in Egyptian religion
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would be but slight. Resection, on the other hand, offered the
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ysm. He had marked gastro-intestinal derangement, with dry, brown
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Minerva, an ancient Falerian goddess, 118 was one of the
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port National Bank, or City Bank, all of Bridgeport.
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the chief goddesses, as Lucina Ossipaga and Diana Ale-
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of D. C. L. from Oxford and that of LL. D. from Cambridge and
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evils, misfortunes, and mishaps that befell mankind were
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Relieved from duty at Fort Douglas, Utah, and ordered to Fort
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little attention was paid to this affection. Diseases of the heart-
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to penetrate a vein and cause an injection of the fluid into a
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of sodium 2 or 3 times a day at first, then gradually increases the
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determined before in the manner alreadv detailed above.
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could hardly affect so widely separated nuclei as the third,
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Who first taught pain the writhing wretch to spare,
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ance was deplorable. She had constant pain in the lower part
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