John N. Mackenzie, M. D., etc. [Reprint from the "Trans, of
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Transactions of the New York Medico-Chirurgical Societv,
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in the urine of healthy people after violent exercise, especially
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horsemen and children under seven years took part, the
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covered. In 170 cases the laceration was bilateral, in 30 uni-
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LECLERC, D., Histoire de la medecine. 2d ed. Amsterdam, 1702.
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professional life. Eight of our ex-presidents who were original
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wanting only in three, and in these the thumb and all the
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gion, in effect, was Druidism.” 8 The Druids, a guild with
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Physical science, then, both in the perfection of its
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parel with the insignia of royalty, the whip and crook. 230
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respondence in relation to the proper disinfection of rags im-
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Dr. Drtsdale still believed in tbe pathognomonic value of
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dropsy does he employ diuretin in Hie same dose as Patton. He suggests
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In what proportion of cases this quasi periodicity occurs
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" Union m^dicale," recently related before the French Academy
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blended with the hawk Sokari, a deity of the dead related
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several States, looked up to Asklepios as a divine exem¬
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By Dr. George M. Gould. Thin 64 mo. (6x3! inches). 863 pages. Containing many useful
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only a part of the body need be exposed to the heat. A disadvantage is
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cally sound, and he could hardly understand why death should
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In one case (Post) compression of the femoral vessel,
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times he was classed as a birth-god, possibly because of
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The Physiological Sigxipicaxce of the TuiGEMiNns axd
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