Simple Renal Catarrh. — A report on this subject was to
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alluded to last week, we now find in the " Union Medicale " for
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at the eastern, the women at the western end, while a few
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tans worshipped her as Britomartis, ‘ Sweet Maid.’ At
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thoroughly disinfected, and for twenty-four hours her bed-room
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ing the sacred serpents. 222 Those who were restored to
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of Minnesota; J. M. Toner, of the District of Columbia; Will-
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cults. They were the stock stories of the cults and were
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446, 471, SIX), 52:3, 555, 585, 611, 038, 6C6, 695, 722
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am quoted by Dr. Shakespeare as having made the declaration
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“Medical Science amongst the Ancient Romans,” in The Journal
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vals. Having control of the buildings and of the entire
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of the psoas-magnus muscle, as far forward as the extremity of the
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struction at the English hospitals, and a more detailed account
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tonsils swollen, hyperajmic, .and the seat of a small patch of
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dressings reapplied. They were nol again disturbed until a week after,
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is that, pressing upon the spermatic veins, the pad takes the
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ply for two months' extension. Par. 1, S. O. 91, A. G. O.,
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identified, under the name Artagnes, with Herakles and
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the ulcers stubbornly refuse to cicatrize, or do so sluggishly
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aggregated, or occurred in little clusters of two or three, and
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region and induced a sensation of nausea and faintness. She had such
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together under one roof, they should be put into small cot-
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tianity; but Mithraism, which was fostered under cover
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G. H. Hume ("Brit. Med. Jour.," January 5, 1884) presents a