with this title. [It will be published in full next week.]
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are few, if any, skin affections that are not benefited by its applications, and, if in your judg-
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lotrisone (containing betamethasone and clotrimazole)
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ble, than if the patient were kept in bed longer. Dr. Poore was
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BERGK, TH., ed., Poetce lyrici Grceci; tertius curis recensuit. 3 vols.
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prove by age, notwithstanding the treatment to which it is subjected.
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'the creator of the gods and of the world,' a fellow worker
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refuse to certify invoices even when lacking the inspector's cer-
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questions which must be settled by further research. But,
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I side et Osiride , 19, 68). 254 It is inferred that the priests
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Perhaps Dr. Flint arrives at his conclusion by simply com-
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of intermitting fever he discusses is that due to endocarditis.
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excitable state of mind, heaviness in the head, pain in the neck and some-
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the Royal Society of Medicine, 1912-1913, vi, Section of the History
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poeias of Great Britain and the United States. As a contribution to
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