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as healers when Pausanias visited the place {ib., IY, xxx,
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Among the cases of ulcer of the stotnach. in addition to
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been tried in Vienna on Drasche's recommendation. Strontium iH^omide,
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cf. oracle in Eusebios, Prceparatio Evangelica, III, xiv,
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The god had rejected them, and no one belonging to the
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my conviction is a growing one that, so far as the mucous mem-
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act. Special investigations into the causes of contagi<ius dis-
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in xxx, 20; and kilasa (leprosy) in xxx, 17. The gods hold
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Pieces of earth were used as remedies, and the earth
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kasa (cough) in I, xii, 3; V, xxii, 10-12; halasa (consump¬
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marble, white outside and black inside; the frieze was of
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sometimes burst, and thus gave the patient a terrible shock,
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influences may produce violent mania (also probably trace-
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From what has already been said, it is obvious that the level
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beloved deities revived, and the populace celebrated and
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physician of the gods, and the Asklepios of India. He
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festivals all testify to the religiosity of the people, their
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all of the branches of the fifth nerve that terminate in the
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quainted with the appellation of the evil spirit concerned
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of the fistula with tents, enlargement with the scalpel, etc.
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work intrusted to it. The report and the recommendations
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tilting downward of the pelvis, due to shortening of the
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I had intended to supplonent the paper with the sketches
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