down and suppurate, yet until quite recently we have not had a
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would of course render a diagnosis wellnigh impossible.
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weeks) or until the improvement in the cardiac condition has ceased
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Echeverria refers to 572, 257 of which he believed could be traced directly
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the so-called epidemic hemoglobinuria (Winckel's disease) that occurs in
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the tender area grows correspondingly. Rigidity of the right rectis
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Treatment. — Absolute rest and a liquid diet should be ordered.
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has come on in organic heart-disease, and such remedies as atropin,
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They may be present in cases that have not presented arrhythmia, (h)
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the fungus bv microscopic examination. Only very rarely are portions
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degeneration of the liver is to be combated by their respective antidotes.
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some form of hysteric paralysis. Usually the contractures occur with
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somewhat alarming prevalence of a disease which, although
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it will be difficult to find one who will be able at present to successfully
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the yellowish, translucent, elevated areas, the intima may be smooth and
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decidedly flattened. In this form the septum fretjuently shows increased
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Pressure upon the inferior vena cava after it receives the hepatic trunk
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now rises to 105° F. (40.5° C.) or even higher, and typhoid symptoms,
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and rapidity of the heart's action is the essential symptom. The patient
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mind that even prolonged cooking fails to destroy the toxic action of
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enlarged and red papilla?, or it may look healthy. A bad or, at times,