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revealed a stricture, through which no instrument could be made to
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osteum pushed forward until edge of meatus was exposed, and
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the head and greater and le.sser tuberosities. The line of fracture
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In many respects, these Q>inpt<uns are like those of neurasthenia
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One of the most typical cases of paroxysmal catarrhal fever
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incantations, songs, chants, symbolism, substitution of a
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objection holds good as to Adams's operation. If the
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manent bhndness might result. Dr. Howe related several in-
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excitement so common to soporific agents ; that no ill effects,
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Tork exceeds that of almost every other large American town,
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county of Erie ; and the trustees of the said college shall have the
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system, and the exact measuring of the blood taken.
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ered with a thick pad of the naphthalinated gauze, which
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T. Douglass, of New London ; Dr. J. F. Calef, of Cromwell ;
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and cases in which after the lapse of months, or years even,
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metrium, and that, to remove the tendency to recnrrence of
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litic nature of the paralysis would be dispelled by the easy
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of the free, a fair monument of freedom for Hellas”
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fertility and child-birth, she aided women in travail, and
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and, later, Dis Pater (Servius, op. cit., xi, 785).
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The Effect of the Inundations of the Mi.ssissippi River upon
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the people, giving wealth, victory, and renown ( ib .); and
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The periods of time that elapse between the first and
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In describing her own case she says: "With my present
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0. W. Chamberlain, for eleven years Secretary of the Society.
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The condition of missed abortion presents several points
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upon the abnormally apphed central pressure. We found this portion
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