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employed indiscriminately in all cases, and the amount of
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sis in the corresponding muscle, wiiich gradually disappeareil as
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the patient from whom the next specimen was removed, where
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facility ? How and at what period of development are they
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Fig. 1. — The Larynx before Operation, showing the Congekitai. Web.
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to give a successful direction to therapeutical observations,
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that he had an impacted fracture, but he was not satisfied that
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The committee should have asked for means to carry out the
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Dr. Toner then resumed the reading of the report of the
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they have not been deemed capable of causing inflammation of
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warning, be broken and decomposed into exaggerated curves
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Vossius's article (IbiJ.) is somewhat lengthy, as are also his con-
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Crontn, a motion was finally carried that the President appoint
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certainly most proper. Dr. Sternberg's resolutions calling upon
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William Hustaoe Hubbard, M. D. — Dr. Hubbard, one of
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after-life. Belief in demonology. The demons. Attitude of
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Umbilical ll.EMoiiitiiAiiK. — Dr. .Joskimi S. Giuh ivail a paper
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and whose ethical standards have been accepted through¬
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of tympany over the affected lung, as has been rarely noted.
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777. True Plethora. — ^The third chief indication for venesection is
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three may be joined together. When both hands are af-
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in tlie treatment of diseased structures was not as strictly ob-
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mate affairs of his daily life as helpers, advisers, and
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tion had occurred two or three times before his admission, and,