more skilful than others, maintained the religious charac¬

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tubules, are an exception to this rule. They are sur-

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Not to dwell upon a subject with n-hich most of your read-

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Lupercus was thus honored; but it is generally agreed that

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whatever was sick (Rigveda, VIII, lxi, 17), and made the

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that the brain was so arranged as to undergo the least possible

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Several times before we have mentioned the undertaking

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cussion of this subject, though trite and hackneyed, could not

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definite spiritual conquest of Rome had begun during

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The ovaries were removed without the tubes. Relief of all

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poisoning. [In poisoning by illuminating gas the removal of 10-20 oz.

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creator, a fashioner, a developer, one who puts things in

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made, showing ahout eighty applicants for meinhersliip. It

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that a micro-organism might be an important factor in the

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for the purpose, consisting of Dr. A. T. Douglass and Dr. S. B.

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Wright, of Plainville; Dr. W. H. Mather, of Suffield ; Dr. F.

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Litzmann, of Kiel ; A Common International Nomenclature iu Obstet-

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were dominated in turn by Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia,

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tient dreaded to pass her water. On admission to St. Vincent's Hospi-

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a horse-hair suture. Two long catgut sutures were left as

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attention, and furnish a proper certificate. Mr. McNally's cer-

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mysophobia should be raised to the dignity of a subdivision of

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alive. She was placed under Dr. Harrison's care, and it was

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connection with an introduction to the general history of

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Rostrum et pedunculi callosi. — The relations of these

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posed, springing from the left side of the uterus and involving

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a family of Herakleidai; and the Asklepiads there traced