sugar is disposed of in the system '^ either by oxidation or, as seems more

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His fift^■-five years of coiuitiy {tractice was unbroken by a

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The meeting was called to order by the President at

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Dr. Hays presented to the Library of the College the following

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as a whole. If such metabolic products are toxic for the bacterial

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hours, with little or no intermission, oi\en in small, overheated, and

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North Carolina, for medical advice ; but from none of the reme-

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obtained in 2 weeks. The patient ceased to receive the treatment after that

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shall not be placed on recora unless the said candidates shall be ac-

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(B) Relative Coagulative Potency of the Solutions when Hirudin Was Added.

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adjacent tissue. In chronic softening of the convolutions their form ia

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roundings of the patient, the prevalence of cholera in the locality, etc.

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one succumbed to the first intravenous injection of 0.38 cc. of horse

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rest thejnflammation, may we not gain time, and enable the latter

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and more or less redness and softening in the immediate neighborhood of

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Microscopically there will be seen, in its early stage, all the changes of acute

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of these strains. Cultivation on blood was continued and the ag-

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week and showed slight macroscopic changes with few bacilli, and under the

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paralyzed extremities occur in many of these cases.

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Table V and Text-figs. 5 and 6, but a few points relating to the in-

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the egg media might, then, supply a simple method of diagnosis,

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coma, or the severe convulsion, told but too plainly that the death

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pression of eyes dull; screams frequent, hydrocephalic; asked if a

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auricular activity, N. B. signifying normal beat and A. F. auricular fibrillation.

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cites, subsequently, an instance in which extreme narrowing of the

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will pass away, and only when it is decidedly increased by their use should

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The application frequently dissipates the exudation from the tonsilsi

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peculiar advantages over parenteral routes. Nothing less should be

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of either the right vagus or the left vagus nerve is equally effectual

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nose and cheeks. This condition began to clear up at once, and when we

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suppose, that medicine rests on hypotheses : this unfounded objec-

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ical asthma in human beings. Our demonstration of the variability

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\Mlliam Joseph Sheehan, B. S., Manhattan, '92, Yale, "95,

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ance with the vote of the Middlesex County Association.