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as the heat quickly departs from the dead tissues. If rubbed with the

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gested lung is also deprived of air it looks like muscle, and the condition is

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roughened by the ])re.seiice of enlarged papilhv or granulations. It is usu-

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should be made at the bite and hemorrhage encouraged. As soon as

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one in which he falls asleep, and awakens after a period rauging from one

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of the neck of the scapula, just beneath the coracoid process, while

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Internal hernia occurs suddenly. The pain is fixed at one point and

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pneumonic exudation the crepitant rales cease, and bronchial respiration

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whereas, that occurring in the skall is often the result of syphilis.

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sumes a yellow tinge, and the patient dies from general anasarca with pul-

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tissue, and the subsequent contraction of this tissue, there will be more or

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of its great vascularity, and from the fact that the hepatic veins do not col-

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Method of closing wounds of the stomach or intestines by I^embert's suture.

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Morbid Anatomy. — An ovum of tauia echinococcus, either during masti-

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aneurysm within the knee-joint, is an indication for amputation. In

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doubt but that hydragogue cathartics and diuretics will hasten the absorjo-

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Acute or toxic gastritis is a general inflammation of the mucous and sub-

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thicknesses, in boiling water. That this may be done without scalding

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treated in the following manner: Hot poultices should be applied to

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Morbid Anatomy. — It is attended by no constant morbid lesions. The en-

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media in which they live, and will not grow in the free air ; a third class

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Siic may rupture iu oitlior direction, giving rise to embolism or to })ericar-

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be ]M-esent in the right iliac fossa. The pain and tenderness usually in-

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Later Changes. — Should the dislocation not be reduced soon after

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laxis is to sustain and improve the nutrition, and to guard against bron-

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influence of the poison wliile remaining in a malarial district, though he

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a few minutes, or several days, or even longer. It may be periodical.

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may be present, as certainly indicating the administration of alcoholic

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conditions of the aortic valves ; and the etiology and rational symptoms

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Prognosis. — The prognosis is extremely unfavorable. It is only when

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brain, is at the time of the injury, and not after the development of

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the appendix has a larger blood supply. Without doubt, osteopathic

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at the epigastrium, the sense of suffocation, with precordial pain, and the