cially in working with Gaiffe's small apparatus. And certainly
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dation in the larynx of a child will produce board of health of the city of New York,
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quantity of blood, and passed altered blood for thirty-six hours
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and the inability of the woman to comply often seen by the country practitioner. A
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(a) Abnormal conditions, representing the intermediate
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ent species, with the unfiltered blood of a diseased animal.
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amination and treatment of surgical, gynecological and rectal diseases,
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to the sides were attached several broad bandages, which passed
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ing the opening of the abdominal cavity, ation, it is best not to disturb the arrange-
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known as scirrhous cord seems to be due in rare cases to an
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change in the appearance of the eye, either as regards the condi-
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Leagues, and Christian Endeavors, and all tors who are in each other's way. In the
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two of water every six hours, and to be fed on beef-tea.
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study with care, and under the best conditions of illumination and
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variations of the lesions are such that diagnosis must de-
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of reducing dislocation of the head of the humerus.
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manner, only manifested itself slowly and indistinctly.
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for five years, 3 for six years, 2 for eight cases found.
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itis'' was proposed by Norgaard and Mohler in 1899. These
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All the foregoing lesions may be absent in very acute
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tions of infected localities by burning large quantities of coal-tar in
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concluding our evidences of the ' : uncertainties of the law," we
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1855, and Eberle in 1869, had indicated the existence of gel-
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irritation. Pressure on a nerve. Excessive muscular exertion.
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Our 'United Country' is proud of the State that has given us
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most only sparingly soluble in water. The salts of the acid
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swelling ; (2) true anthrax, or where the lesions consisted at
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we administer arseniate of iron, the thera- ferric cacodylate and oxid of iron. Such
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resulting from their multiplication. It has a somewhat foetid
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It appears that the Proband, and its accompanying sponge and caustic,