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224 Muller, op. cit., p. 140; Wilkinson, op. cit., iii, 484, 513.
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few years ago a letter from an English physician who stated
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from other Legisl.aturcs, and from "convocations" of sanitary
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was grayish; the cut surface was of a dark-red color; it was
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Nikasiboula incubated in the temple, seeing a vision in
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blended by peaceful combinations or were fused by con¬
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thin, or hard and thick, it softened and yielded ; the cervix and
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tinue for years, or may be transient, lasting only for days or
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usually did after ovariotomy. It would not have been practi-
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—one of iron, one of silver, and one of gold—in the
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liver is the only organ to show symptoms of congestion, a careful course
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effected by a miracle, the divine directions for healing
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preparations should first be mixed with cold water and then stirred
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In other cases it has only lasted a few months, notwith-
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■•■ and country practice (unopposed). Office and outfit
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the poison of small-pox in cases of syphilis which have
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a case, let me reply that such an accident may happen at
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resembling a mushroom was encountered, the lower portion
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no symptoms except those of bronchitis and occasional attacks
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Write for proposition on 27 Piffercnt Rcccplion Room Office Oiitlits. Special prices for this month.
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within four months of the term for which they are paid. When this paragraph is marked and the journal comes to you in aa
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redness and swelling of the testicle, and pain in the perinfflura.
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ancient medical lore. She was also a child-birth goddess,
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will be coincidently expanded ; or, if it be blown into
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a recent meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, in a dis-
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alluded to in the paper. The desirable features in a leg splint
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doctor thought he could walk in a little time as well as he could
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which is drawn by ninety-nine, or sometimes one thou¬
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Kings County Pharmaceutical Society, gives the following formula for
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Sciences will hold its thirteenth annual meeting at Blois, from
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tion of the margin of the hole, and the attempt gives rise
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rior cannula, and washing through until the fluid discharged
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to be kept under the influence of the drug for almost five d.ays.
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spring, at Woodstock, Vt., the patient, a man seventy-seven