the infant to drink; Edusa to eat; Sentina gave it under¬

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in 1878 that he could cause albumin to appear in his own

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The Egyptians did not deal in theories, and their litera¬

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the Valley and was the divinity of love and fecundity.

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31 Gruppe, Griechische Mythologie und Religionsgeschichte, pp. 1273-

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ster, consists in making a broad iridectomy, usually upward,

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Another containing carbolic acid, which is so graduated

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clinique.) Par le Dr. Debout D'Estr^es, M^decin inspecteur

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antagonistic. 252 There were indications of the use of hyp¬

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the patient than to have his extremities continually wet, but this advan-

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operation for the extraction of cataract. In only three cases

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of this position is fast becoming a fixed principle.

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ble popular lectures on health which had appeared since the

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muscularly. It may also be given in suppositories (1 G. (15 gr.)

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a slow fire in 3 kilogrammes of olive oil. After standing for two hours,

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four sections — viz. : medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and pharmacy

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unar(|uaintetl phvsirian or unstocked pharmacist as "samples" on receipt of one dolkir and this

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the female surgical ward of the Episcopsil Hospital, May 14,

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spirits) likewise had this term applied to them (Yasna,

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It will be noticed that, in the first case where it was used,

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conjunction with the demon.strable clinical facts and con-

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authorities, as having a strong coagulating effect on the blood. The

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slightly fluctuating mass occupying the whole left pelvic region,

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Dr. Charles T. Hunter, of Philadelphia. — Dr. Hunter,

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Sjrmptomt. — Clinically the symptoms of cerebral stasis may be di-

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cable to remove the uterus, but such a procedure would have

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Copper and Vinegar Pickles. — The report of a chemical analysis ^'°' '^—'■'he Sam

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nected with the Latin fero, ‘bear,’ 4 birth.’ 96