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the healer, or pious frauds, according to the point of
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113 Frazer, The Scapegoat, pp. 229 ff.; Fowler, op. cit., pp. 41, 45-
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of the State, was the chief priest. The catalogue of gods
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Orooin, M. D., F. R. C. P. E., etc. Edinburgh : David Douglas,
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St. Charles St. Schuemann-Jones Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 728 Prospect Ave., F. H. Thomas Co., Boston, Mass., 727 Boylston
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between the temporary relief afforded by vomiting in the
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serpent. 16 Libations were made to ancestors at family
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for the papers and discussion on puerperal fever which occupied
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thor's experience extending over a period of twenty-six years.
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case, wliere infiltration of the apices of the lungs had occurred, re-
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that he had an impacted fracture, but he was not satisfied that
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inner border. Where the anterior attachment obtains, the ar-
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there seems to be a special tendency to flbrinous formation
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inflammation of the conjunctiva could be produced by a strong
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above referred to, whose worship was observed generally
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mounted by a lunar or solar disk and with the crescent
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and 1829. The papers submitted to the society during the next
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wider, and also that the margin of the pupil opposite the
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crated place/ as when Diodoros (ii, 47) speaks of a cir¬
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quite recently burst one designedly by bimanual pressure. Such
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divinities and which were assumed to augment his mys¬
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prosaic, and impersonal faith, were feeling the strong
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He was traveling most of the time, and during the latter part
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might coalesce. The ernftion was usnally profuse, and, as a
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than those mentioned. The physician has since that time
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Himilkath and ‘Abd-eshmun, son of Himilk.’’ 20