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tain, for renal complications are common in diphtheria. In addition to
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Tibur, where was a sulphur spring over which the nymph
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A dedication, found in front of the Porta Appia, from
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foration being an effectual barrier to the descent of the com-
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siderable building in the country devoted wholly to such pur-
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pressure which it causes may be too much for the weak heart and nu^j
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(Theriaca, 438) describes still another variety found
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Naval Hospital, New York, and resignation accepted June 15,
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b.c. with HEsculapius and Salus, and in gratitude for their
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which it was hoped to obtain release from misfortune,
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the day of his admission, lOO'T F. After November 10th the
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Local treatment of various kinds was adopted. At fir-st
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elbow. The woman's recovery thus far had been uninterrupted.
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conferred upon him in absentia at tlie tercentenary festival.
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nation of submissive piety 14 or as "a god of rain and
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were excluded from its temples. 271 The ceremonies of the
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and more lasting. Tet its action is only of moderate duration, as a
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neglect, or impiety, until, finally, it was held to be a pun¬
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Healing was a prominent feature of the cultic func¬
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Cabinet council has been held at Madrid to take measures to
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lately proposed by M. MolliSre, of Lyons, but it has now been
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ysm as full doses of chloride of ammonium — seventy grains
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Dr. Harris remarked that in the reports of the Rotunda
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Local Cold. — ^The fimt meant to be meii|ioiied is local cold. An ice-
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Complications:— avoided if given early in disease;
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others, Ahura Mazda, the omniscient creator of the uni¬
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turient parts. A solution of corrosive sublimate, one to two
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A convenient method of preparing the baths at a patient's home is rec-
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special indication. It is then removed, and the limb is measured
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loud beating noise if she persisted in wearing the glasses. Moos
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Morphine in Heart Disease. — In conclusion, the use of morphine or
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be had of Dr. W. F. Whitney, Harvard Medical School, Boston.
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sides of which was an extensive porticoed abaton; on the
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A few of these testimonials of healing by the gods are,
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induration of the walls of that organ. In some the disease was