from its more lasting effect, has apparentiy no advantage over amyl

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substance is the most abundant. In the dorsal region the

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rectomy, and she afterward consulted other gentlemen who

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The Committee on Necrology reported at the morning ses-

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that his sweats continued throughout the night, and that he was losing

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course, the reference to the subject of the code of ethics. The

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The attributes of the goddess were the cord and torch,

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attack of pain which lasted considerably longer— viz., one month.

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mine, he hath added his pure prayer to mine; the destroyer(s)

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Owing, chiefly, to the imperfect and fragmentary char¬

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6 mm. Judging from Welcker's casts, it was about 4-5 mm.

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of official pressure, his cult was widespread, especially

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The cult attracted little attention till toward the end of

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of causes — such as fatigue, mental tension, exposure to cold,

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dwellings. He referred to Emmerich's discovery at Munich of the

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been done since 1879, the cases being taken without special

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pyfBniia on the one hand as from those of the different varieties

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which yielded most readily were connective tissue and patho

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assured that, though the ship and her engines had seen much

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companion of AEsculapius were sometimes addressed to

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nently associated with the Irish god of healing, Diancecht,

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attack of pain which lasted considerably longer— viz., one month.

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finger of the right hand and stabs the vein obliquely in order that the

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thickened, but not sufficiently so to cause death from suffoca-

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bad weather and failure of his crops, but for defense

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pretations were earnestly sought, since the success of

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3. Since 1870 acute gangrenous septiciemia has been consid-

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fluctuation of the temperature was due more or less to the

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