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toline in the hope of checking the pestilence (Livy, vii, 3).

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December 5, 75 and in so far as Fatuus was regarded as

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rid of the toxins circulating in the blood, the bath should be given hatter

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dream-oracle with interpretation of visions by priests

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life," as she had been irregular for a year before. She also had

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with a soft-rubber catheter as often as may be necessary, and

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ft.; Plutarch, Vita Numce, 15). He had an oracle at Tiora

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after suppurative coxalgia should ever be submitted to this

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by the parasitic organism which was the acknowledged etiologi-

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fixed in their new relations that the cavity does not become

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is in earnest in the attempt not only to prevent the exportation

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these pathological conditions, all occurring in one patient.

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‘Homs the Child’ (Har-pe-khrad, the Harpokrates of the

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create an ethical sentiment. Epicharmos expressed the

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had joined the Society. Four members had died, five had re-

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digitalis, and opium, — ^may be successfully employed in treating certain

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murdered him and threw his body into the Nile, where it

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beaten together, or with " traumaticine " (a solution of gutta-percha in

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the mortality among the physicians of the State for the years

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Samples to interested physicians on request to'the home office.

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the following: The dura mater was exposed by removing the

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would not have been much less had the case been left to nature

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amination of the specimen, and the other was from a study of

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it, and Clemens Alexandrinus ( Stromata, vi, 4) describes

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day, she was the daughter of Qeb and Nut, the sister of

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seems more or less so rotated on its axis that its upper part has

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therapy is causal (digitalis, etc.). Styptics aie of little value. Clock-

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the Academy, and five thousand dollars were bequeathed to it

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Hieroglyphisch-demotisches Worterbucih. Leipzig, 1867-1882.

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his reward being parentage of two heroic sons ( Yasna,

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The point (f greatest interest was the presence of a large

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into a large vein that accompanies the anterior spinal artery