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Inferential Therapeutic Confirmation derived from Patho-

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it is certainly no more dangerous than senega, which latter is not so good

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with the remedy, and had found that, while patients with fol-

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next morning and night gave thirty-seven and afterward fifty

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a small perforation, barely admitting the passage of a probe, at

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therapeutics. Ptolemy Soter, in sympathy with Hellenic

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erable experience with Gtaertner's ** fat-milk" on the Continent, I have

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xix, 112 ff.; Ovid, op. tit., ix, 285 ff.). The obstetric func-

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favorably, and the separation of the fingers was complete.

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almost unlimited range of movement which it enjoys will at once

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of air into the pleural cavity and the consequent decompo-

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with cheesy matter, and was so adherent to the abdominal wall

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champagne), cognac,* hot tea or coffee, wine or vinegar enemas, or,

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plexuses, and the dorsal limitation of the porta, are of com-

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devotion according to taste. There were ceremonies at

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which filled the aperture completely, and prevented, at the time, leak-

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KoRTE, A., “Bezirk eines Lleilgottes,” in ibid., 1893, xviii, 231-256;

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metabolism, etc. When asked to decide whether a patient with a com-

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but heretofore the fact has been accounted for on the theory

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421 C), like his brother Agamedes, a builder who erected

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the follicles of the lower pharynx are involved in place of

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a half long was made, and it was noticed that at the lower

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regarded as particularly efficacious. Women resorted to

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of severe disease of the mastoid process. The first case was

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the principle upon which it was desirable for him to be treated,

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in solution of one to twenty thousand in cases of granulations.

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and skill of its medical staff. As medical science advances, pa-

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erected in the twelfth century and rebuilt in the seven¬

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very uncomfortable this hot afternoon." " Not so very."