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geal wound. Silver and ivhalebone probes, including the finest, and

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is celebrated in the Avesta as a benevolent being and

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Teos, a sage or god similar to Thoth; while the Ptolemies

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tonitis did not develop. Scarlet fever had been regarded as

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Dr. B. F. Dawson, Dr. C. C. Lee had been requested to read

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Spilmann t reports the case of a woman, of good health and

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times, I have learned to throw over " baths, mild aperients,

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the heart better nourishment. He draws an analogy between reducing

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suffering, and for avoidance of future ills. Such dreams

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their particular property, or rather absence of property, to the

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implacable attitude of the Phlegyan tribe, under whose

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of certainty except by means of irrigation, and by some

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Passenger Ship Medical Service. — Dr. J. A. Irwin offered

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sponded to the seven zones through which the soul of the

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had been no other symptoms than those of hfemorrhage. She

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rule, the reading of introductory addresses will be limited to twenty

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e(»nplain of its unpleasant taste and in some instances CTen of nausea

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claimed that this goddess was none other than ‘Astart. 9

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name stamped in gold letters on cover, will be sent to any physician

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son, in 1SC9, had advanced this view (based on an atrophy in

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101°, a part of the time was only 99° ; on the sixth day rose to

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nence. Passing thence along the side of the external iliac

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of a fibrinous exudation in the fauces means the possibility

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of health, and even now hundreds of unfortunate sufferers

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tion of the identity of croup and diphtheria. In 1857 Vir-

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Dr. Cronym did not know that doctors would ever cure their

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rituals of these “ mysteries of which no tongue may

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the same time, such as answering the questions which patients

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declared that in Babylon the sick were brought into the

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most powerful germ destroyer and disinfectant to the secre-

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(ib., I, xxiv, 8, 11); “Thy remedies, 0 King! are a hun¬

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testifying was indulged in on the occasion referred to.