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to have been the cause of the constriction. Had it been discov-
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large exudations. Speaking of the disease known as actino-
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statement of cases and deaths reported during the two weeks
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this testimony, it may not be easy to satisfy the world at large
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* Four years ago, after repeated verifications of the portal boun-
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to life, as Kapaneus, Tyndarens, Hippolytos, Glankos,
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it would be very severe, but sucli had not always been the case.
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the sick could not fail to be deeply impressed by the
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Dr. G. C. "Wheeler. He found the quantities of caffeine varied
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ings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1913-1914, vii, Section
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those of epilepsy, occasionally, however, when the attacks
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abnormally weak, by hot applications (see p. 68). The following drugs
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dropsy does he employ diuretin in Hie same dose as Patton. He suggests
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is, that we should not omit to make due distinction between
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specimen illustrating general tuberculosis with rupture of an
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“The Mysterious Wreck of Nemi,” in The Journal of the British-
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that it may be given in watery solution by rectum 0.5 G. (7% gr.)
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than two feet high ( ib., X, xxxii, 12). At Sikyon the statue
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increase the amount of urine, recourse must be had to such diuretics as
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of talismans,’ helpful in parturition, and a protectress
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however, the ovaries could be removed with safety, the opera-
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punishing those who violated its duties. As a goddess of
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of a few shreddy fragments of epithelium mingled with minute
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1-1.5 G. (15-20 gr.) a day, gradually increased to 5-6 G. (75-90 gr.).
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moniacal exhalation from a typhoid-fever patient, from his
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salt with half an ounce of cardamom seeds in a quart of boiling
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the wrist when it reaches the vertical position, and maintains the re-
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