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after extensive injury, and, among others bearing on this point,

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at Chelsea, Mass., and afterward became a private pupil of Dr.

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cartilage and was attached by a long pedicle. The tumor mea-

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but the most characteristic form is that of a young prince

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The kings and priests rose above the common people as a

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the rock bathed the temple at Kenchreiai (Pausanias,

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sort produced deeper colors. The playing of certain melodies

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as merely another form of Lar. 7 ° His cult was similar to

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of Anicmic and Leuca;mic Diseases, by Dr. Laache, of Christiania ; The

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to the chair of surgery in the medical department of the Univer-

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to rupture the zonula, and cause a dislocation of the lens.

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cord took place chiefly through the gray matter and partly

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more pliable for mental suggestion and for carrying out

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ancestor as the collective by which the gifted family or

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that we heat our houses in the spring long after the tempera-

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retina of the eye was used to determine the refraction from the

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ingenuity in making it acceptable must be employed, the

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address: Dr. N. S. Davis, Dr. W. W. Dawson, Dr. W. T. Briggs,

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of the free, a fair monument of freedom for Hellas”

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growth; and over all nature’s activities presided super¬

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a strict inspection of tea has been in force, 050,000 pounds have

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necessary, so that we might know where to seek the feet, if

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duced by nerve irritation reflected from the nose, is shown

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