religious exercises. All the temples and shrines of the
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OF the Patella. — Dr. J. S. Wight read a paper with this title.
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over the surface of the brain, he did not share in this view ;
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they also did, as well as others which exceeded their
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the wound bound up, and the head lowered. (3) If the spot is not
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easily molded to the parts operated upon, non-irritating, and
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ferred the dignity of Knight Commander of the Bath on Dr.
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to scientific observation and experiment are of seismic origin. We-
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number, called ‘Salii’ (‘Leapers’), were expellers of evil,
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Mounts Kynortion and Tittheion in ‘ holy country,’ as it
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patch announces that quarantine was established on the 15th
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others) by slaves and merchants; 13 and the Romans, un¬
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against illness, though, if they were offended, they had
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ish Medical Journal" for December 13, 1879, states that
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is given some to drink {Kaus., vii, 26). Plants were the
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Nervous Palpitation. — ^In the third class of cases, those of nervota
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ings. They threw pieces of gold and silver into the sacred
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roughly illustrated by comparison with a house, as suggested
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powers, it was believed to be a cure for sterility in man
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bean a dark brown color, and gives to it the mellow flavor so popular
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On introducing a slender i)robo, I found that at the bottom of
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Jurisprudence and State Medicine ; Harlem Medical Association
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occurring in the upper air tract, attended by a fibrinous exu-
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In a.d. 1000 Emperor Otho erected a hospital on the foun¬
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or apparatus, tiie gymnasium director or physician taking the place of
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liefs were exhibited by bearers. It is asserted that as
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Greek mythology. 38 Apollo Grannos was associated with
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standing ; Locutius taught it to speak correctly; and Ossi-
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ex-votos; the rites and ceremonies being similarly inter¬
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be excluded from the diet. In all these cases, however^ the nephritis itself
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markedly enlarged tonsils and of a general hvpertrophv affecting the