doses of a preparation labeled, " Dose, fifteen drops."
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left to die. With regard to the statistics given by Dr. Amidon,
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was a small orifice which admitted the passage of urine.
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Paris bandage at my college clinic, a short time since, reference
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Abydos (Abotu), of which he became lord, whence that
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there was a sympathy between homologous parts by which, if,
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in fact, a description of the varieties of the plant, and their
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at Sparta (Pausanias, III, xii, 8); but the most celebrated
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oughly trained corps of editors, and at a place where there was
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Has been used and prescribed by the medical profession of America
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can form a fairly correct opinion as to the character of the
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nomena of disease intelligible in their statical and dynamical
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MOMMSEN, T., The History of Borne. 5 vols. New York, 1903.
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(Livy, xxxiv, 53). In 171 b.c., Lucretius decorated the
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covering is needed nor desirable. The indications for its
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it had not been his desire to give especial attention to the " Ba-
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thoroughly disguised, were followed in about an hour by similar
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in the divine methods, they had no personal choice in
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The Religion of the Veda. New York and London, 1908.
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Its development was comparatively slow, and not until it had attained
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bicarbonate of soda, &-8 G. (1^2 dr.) a day, or lithium bensoate or eai^
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RITTERSHAIN, G. von, Der medizinische Wunderglaube und die
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but more closely with Apis and Osiris than with others.
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is that, unless tlie hernia is very recent, the sac is not reducible.
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is obtained, as well as the duration of the lowering of pressure produced
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The Romans, originally a small group of agricultural
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ache, pains in the knees, and lassitude. There was loss of
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exchanges seem to consider an epidemic impending in Great
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SiK : As the impression seems to be more or less prevalent
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The memory of Grannos is still preserved in the Au¬
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C. J. Pitnee, of Jacksonville; Dr. R. F. Dwyee, of Ottawa;
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aroused, and that it was followed by no ill effects. The sphyg-