Young children are attacked by chickenpox, adults by smallpox, in a
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she had had but one severe attack of angina. This was "terrific"
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chest should be gently rubbed with a liniment of chloroform and camphor of
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in origin. More females than males are attacked. Age is a potent
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usually constructed for analytical purposes, the desirable range is
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branch, producing an infected infarct. The embolus may, however, be
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valuable in finding the parasites of light infections or chronic
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gresses, slowly (while an immunity, although slowly acquired, progresses
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and Issaeff have shown that the injection of guinea-pig's serum into a guinea-pig
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Occasionally, sudden heart failure precipitates the end.
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branch block, but is more hke those described by Oppenheimer
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drop at a time is permitted to flow down the side of the
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The liver, kidneys, spleen, and heart muscle undergo important morbid
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go about during a considerable time after the symptoms have set in.
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murmur. It soon became extremely violent, and terminated in
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Clinic of Dr. H. Archibald Nissen, Boston City Hospital
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given show. Sphygmographic tracings were taken during the
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b. Host Relation. M . mallei is the cause of glanders or "farcy"
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(9) Differentiate in acid alcohol (1 ml hydrochloric acid in
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if either carbonate or silicate is present in considerable
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patient's vein with a sterile dry syringe and needle, place in a
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globin in 100 ml of distilled water. Place the hemoglobin
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contained in the cell substance, becoming free with the death of the bacteria, may
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changes of alcohol, beginning at 30 percent and running up to 70
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49. Coccidium oviforme, from the liver of the rabbit. Stages of spore-formation
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from the clamp, an iron rod 6 or 8 millimeters in diameter
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of inoculated animals. Encouraging results have also been reported in the
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is, however, much less common than one-sided. Occasionally isolated
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pected, of a formation similar in form to the pollen cells of the
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Were the defendant indicted for wilful murder, the declaration of
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The committee was continued and authorized to make further
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abscess from a hypodermic occurred, although hypodermic injec-
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