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nature in an effort to control them for the benefit of man.

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term of service and many having died ; yet, out of the one hun-

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Congenital Lipoma. — In the " Archives of Piediatrics " for Febru-

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the author having had no experience with the treatment in the so-called

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benefit of the case as a surgical one, to lay particular stress

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(Ioannes Lydos, de Mensibus, iv, 4), although no details

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quently regarded as illicit and forbidden by law. Cults

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ovarian irritation, which were cured by oophorectomy, and he

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the views of an extremist in the matter of the mechanical ele-

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of Texas to Department of the East. Par. 2, S. 0. 101, A. G. O.,

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v, 13). During the plague of 212 b.c. aid was sought from

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the natural dilating agent. There was also danger of septicaemia

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ascribed the Dhanvantarinighantu, the oldest Indian

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wrinkles. Fresh plaster of Paris, mixed with warm water to

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larger one. Between the hall and the larger room at either

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Antiseptic Treatment in its Present Form, by Sir J. Lister, of London ;

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Till in the temple she slept, whence as a mother she went.

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made. The perinicum was dense and cartilaginous, but the urethra

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a severe conjunctivitis as due to the presence in the bean of a

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either kind are caused by undigested food in the stomach or

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tions. If the parts can be kept from tearing, the fresh brain

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und Pagel, Handbuch der Geschichte der Medicin, i, 71.

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had the eruption upon the chest and abdomen, the mucous

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future life in the grave, an early feature of Egyptian

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thorax. A current of 10-20 milliamp&res is employed for KMO minutes.

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of a single bone as when two are injured. The tension of the

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few grains of rice, and one pill ; Brunner's glands were con-