115 Erman, Die Marchen des Papyrus Westcar , Berlin, 1890.
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sisted of local styptics, the ligature, etc., combined with such
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has, upon careful and mature consideration of the subject com-
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the newspaper accounts are overdrawn, and that no such loose
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development, and the sanctuary was the largest and per¬
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suspicion, and his rites were deemed ‘new and strange’
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should be kept in a state of vegetable tranquillity. If she
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tion. In illustration of the subject, a patient was shown on
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ment of Acute Infectious Diseases, by Professor Liebermeistcr, of Tii-
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into the aula and diacele, and, if the opposite side be treated
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thinks, apparently, that his criticism needs to be administered
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garded daimons as ranking between gods and men, of a
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chloride up to 5 G. (75 gr.) a day, in mixtures). The balsams, Peruvian
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soothements of diseases.” He was revered as a divine
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eclampsia. Also will it generally prevent an epileptic
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mental deity’ ruling over a special province akin to that
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stinate cough and by a varjring amount of expectoration. We know,
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reducing citalopram from 40 mg to 20mg
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joints than the hip. But when recognized authorities — as,
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wandered slightly, was normal, the tongue was moist and lighter
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Journal. — The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. J. M.
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progress, was then introduced, and theories were put to
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given. To relievo pain, quiet delirium, or induce sleep, use
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their importance is insisted on, they will not be found to
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the October session of 1810,' and any subsequent modification
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The origin of the gods. The nature of the gods. The gods
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ing of the mucous membrane, its uneven surface above tlie