Another case had been reported by Dr. Van Zetti,* in which
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competent observers that the bacillus was not present in all
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usually the name of some superior spirit or high deity
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in the infant with a congenital one. The congenital form is oftener
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several unsuccessful attempts at dilatation, the patient was
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15 K. Sethe, “Heroes and Hero-Gods (Egyptian)/’ in ERE vi, 648.
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date about thirty patients, is in contemplation by the people of
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fourteen only had come under his own observation. The young-
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Buck's tables comprise the records of one hundred and forty-
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101°, and her pulse between 100 and 120. On the ninth day
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first made manifest in the work of their brethren of Kos
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hour the exterior warmed, and very soon she would have high fever,
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by demons (ib., xxvii, 5). Man is released from demons by
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7 Jastrow, op. cit., pp. 188 ff.; Zimmern, in ERE ii, 309-313.
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artery. The author considers it probable that the rich proteid diet in
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Tales, i, 97-142; also Erman, Die Marchen des Papyrus Westcar, i, 21
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can not be entirely disregarded — as because of the thera-
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forms of religious observances, so that a subjective reli¬
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umns of writing, or five hundred lines. On the face of this
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parently atelic (functionless) parts and conditions should
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(ib., VII, xlvi, 2). His healing functions are also appealed
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was supposed to he due to the severe regimen which they
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ounces was removed from the axilla. An imperfect examina-
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wholly united, to have the scar-tissue exactly in front of the
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which exist are open to objection on the score of expense in
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de Republica, 571 C). 23 In the Iliad (i, 63; ii, 6) Zeus is a
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skin is drawn tight over the tumor and a long incision is made
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cases. It sometimes has a secondary effect on the stomach and on the
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sulphurous .-iciil ami water (one part of the acid to fifteen of
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36 Note, an early example, if not the origin, of the idea of ‘virgin