worn, and emaciated. His liver was enlarged ; his spleen not. He had

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became prominent in the Greek pantheon. His name is

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was found burdensome. It was possible that it might be found

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Dr. Donaldson, of Baltimore, thought there were points of

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TOUT AIN, J. F., Les Cultes paiens dans V empire romain. 2 vols. Paris,

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is called water-glass, consisting of a soluble silicate of sodium,

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Dr. Donald MacLean, of the University of Michigan, was

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annual meeting report to the society any laws relating to medical mat-

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directly as the diameter of the opening. If the walls are elastic,

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and extension was made by the weight and pulley. At the end

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rise of temperature. We must go back of the wound — to the

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Segeta. This goddess presided over healing springs at

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healing scenes, statues of the deity, or ornaments and

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Paian; while Apollo assumed the title Maleates, the name

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what she supposed to be one of her usual bilious attacks ; but,

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ism which confused their hearers and served further to

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into practice without the least experience in handling cases is

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that the brain, being smaller than the cranial cavity, always

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ing health and happiness. Free from the frailties of other

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per-cent. solution it produced a mucous or muco-purulent dis-

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eleven children recovered, and three died. The recoveries were very

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The patient then closes with the advice never to de¬

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nosis, was evident; the diificulty was in deciding what valves

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the other hand, he is closely associated with water. In the

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uterus, opens the way for perilous haemorrhage. Not only this,

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that, the name clinging to her and finally supplanting her

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destroying their polish and dulling their cutting edges, but

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The zakiku -priest I appealed to, but he revealed nothing,

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in the sixth interspace, an inch and a half to the left of the nip-

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markel-place of the town of Cos, on the island of that name,

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thin we were sometimes able to determine the nature of the