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was found to be very broad, as usual with cysts of this sort; it

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typhoid with nephritis or marked renal hypenemia cold baths should not

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nia, remarking that not long since it was thought that the study of

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Dr. Shakespeare regarded these statements as misrepresenta-

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to Epidauros. Deification. Shrines and sanctuaries of the

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dice and heart disease) in I, i, 11-12. The acts of the gods

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evening of the next day he was sent for, and, on his arrival,

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promise, as it were, between these two positions, and give

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the ‘Lord of Brahma,’ the heavenly prototype of the

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exclusive class known as Asklepiadai, or priest-physi¬

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kind. The Egyptian deities were developed from among

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antecedents of the patient should be made relative to previous

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for the adoption of elaborate and especial preventive meas-

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more attention today than has ever been given to it

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complaints, asthma, angina pectoris, anemia, hematuria,

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equal volumes. To avoid lumps, which would clog the

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The history and symptoms all pointed to a uterine fibroid, and

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dent phases in the history of medicine the reader is re¬

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patella; — the one noted by Mr. Callender, the two treated

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amendment to the by-laws, the Society or the councilors of the

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is required to lift and lower the weight of the body, a very

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continuance’’ (ib., xli, 21). In times of less danger, the

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discussed here. In case of a dangerous serous or bloody exudate, how-

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originally in the " Gaceta Medica Catalana," on the use of resorein in