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A slave broke the drinking-cup of his master, but saved
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the rains, and the rocks below were all that was left.
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are at present held as to its nature. Among them are tlie fol-
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finally within its folds the lateral border of the uterus.
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generations we often fail to detect their ancestry. In ex-
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mid Texts, were supplied by the priests to the coffin-
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first, and immediately followed by the undiluted mass, or, for
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inimal was placed in the warm chamber for some hours, no
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pero, Popular Stories, pp. 36 ff.; Wiedemann, Altagyptische Sagen
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lected (Pausanias, IV, xxvii, 4-5). Though a Boiotian
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out the Latin provinces the divinity was worshipped
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in Egypt (Herodotos, ii, 59, 60, 137, 138; Diodoros, xvi,
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essential contents of these papyri to the early kings. It
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limbs felt sore, tender, very heavy, " as though they weighed a.
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pharynx, it was very noticeable that the chief amount of the pharâ„¢.
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been based. Mankind instinctively is dependent upon the
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out to the inner tympanic wall. Inflation produced no change
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volution, and found it, at the post-mortem examiuation, exactly
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neal, it will either open in the peritoneal cavity and be fatal,
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often be employed to advantage in ulcerous endocarditiis and verrucoaa
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slightly, but I did not consider it sufficient to require operation.
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sequence of abdominal pains, headache, and vertigo, with a sup-
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Dr. Gaeeighes beheved that we had come to a point where
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the soft parts having been produced by the bone itself, not the
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heart muscle is damaged to the extent that it cannot meet the demands
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over 32 grammes, each, of the dried tops of absinthium, of lavender, of