tion or disease of those regions of the turbinated bones
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Fmr cauterization, the skin is lightly touched with a red hot cautery,
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— first day) ; New Jersey State Medical Society (Cape May —
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room to expound therapeutics, but to apply it. You are
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sicians everywhere, thousands of human lives. "Wireless" is a wonder. So is this idea, just to
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ity, a certain thing to do, whence the number of gods
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licited and received the aid of historians and poets
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projecting from the ventricular sinus and resting on the true
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Civitate Dei, xv, 29), the Castaeci and Castaecae, the Icotii
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ticularly conduce to the development of puerperal fever, or
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creatures, and thus healing them; but as removing every
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healing, as is clearly shown by the votive inscription of
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The reader thought enthusiasm got the better of judgment
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was theoi megaloi, and apparently means ‘the Great
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Formad's opinion concerning the a;tiology of tuberculosis had
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reputed to have discovered aconite. Her symbol was the
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take away the food offerings of the dead. I did not diminish the
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ulcerative process may follow the removal of the antagonistic
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line above the pubes upward to the left, and occupying the left
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March a steady rise took place, and the total of this month is
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morbid process in the fauces attended with such marked