dition (paralytic thorax, phthisical diathesis) or in consequence of abuse

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ture, as peritonitis, fever, or erysipelas, or of any contagious

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adequately raised.'' It is indeed wholesome for us to be made

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found to co-exist with suppuration from various causes, or with

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minded him of a pamphlet in which Dr. Robert Battey, of

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who was highly revered, had a sanctuary near a spring

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driven out, and water and fire were the sacred elements

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an expression of their gratitude, these objects covering

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Beach, of Ohio. Secretary, W. B. Atkinson, of Pennsylvania ;

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be avoided (condiments, vanilla, cinnamon,' mace, coffee, tea, alcohol (see

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as the mild vegetable laxatives. (For a full discussion see p. 493 et seq.)

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consecrate oneself to the perpetual service of the deities . 1

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Dr. Fkaxk H. Hamilton said he had studied this subject at

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I am able, however, to pass a silver catheter (No. 19) into the

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pleural cavity causes such extreme dyspnoea and increased work for the

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meeting than for any other which the Association has held-

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sion in the United States, of which there could be no more

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sels, and, it might be, depending upon those changes, in which

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Society of the State of New York. He was a man of pro-

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nected with disease of this organ. The rational treatment of these

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iar to him, although it would seem to have escaped the

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was regarded as the chief organ of life, as the seat of life

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8ig4— -For sabeataaeous injection, 16 min. once or twice daily.

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do not appear to have been oppressed in their daily lives

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together in the small compass of an ordinary tin cash-box

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iii, 287); and both at Athens and at Epidauros the Hie-

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Egypt, from India, with a case of cholera on board.

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Can Locomotor Ataxia, be onRED? — Dr. Gr^me M. Ham-

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Abdominal Surgery, Medical Department, Vaiuierbilt University; Ex-President of tlie Soutliem

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a most worthy purpose ; but, since they specifically call for the