structure in Rome (Suetonius, Vita Domitiani, 1; Eutro-

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It is a soluble digitoxin in l^e form of an aqueous solution in 25%

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necessary to feed and stimulate the patient to the extent that

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metabolism, etc. When asked to decide whether a patient with a com-

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degree than in ordinary locomotion, the jarring will be

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favors the lodgment of tlie i;cnn ; in other words, predis-

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the latter (Servius, op. cit., vii, 750). She was a beneficent

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cervico-vaginal junction, we can easily trace it to its origin.

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measures of treatment were of use, and it became evident that

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Never accept substitutes, always insist upon eettine jnat what you for

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I first saw him February 14, 1884. lie had been confined to his

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some aromatic substance, or a very small amottnt of coffee or tea. In such

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Wednesday, May 21st: New Jersey Academy of Medicine

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vessels. The arteries enter from the pia mater and accom-

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way writes to the " British Medical .Journal " that a prescription calling

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by the same active systemic disturbance, and its clinical sig-

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saving of time to pass the hand into the cyst and break up

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granulation tissue at its anterior margin ; but backward from

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the skin, a black scale of tarry, gum-like substance that

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the service rendered and contribute liberally to the ever-widening reputation of the

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ing broken compensation a full milk diet gives too much fluid and oyer-

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clear or authentic to establish the occurrence of such infection

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nosis been made between miasmatic fever and suppurative fever.

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pitch. Inflate the lung to the degree of tension maintained in

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Sarcoma in a Child's Skull. — In the February number of the

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length of the chink : below this there was a second membrane

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Spirits (Egyptian),” in ERE iv, 584-589; also Budge, op. cit., i, 3 ff.