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lar size. The liver, though much enlarged, was not altered in
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of it to speak definitely and will give it a further
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Are used and endorsed by some of the most eminent Surgeons in America.
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treatment, and, by their torments, had brought the sufferer
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The Bite of a Horse. — At a recent meeting of the Sociele Ana-
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ary.— We understand that Dr. Robert Abbe has been appointed
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to a full half inch stroke, and on the heaviest stroke there
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Krukenberg, an assistant physician at the gynaecological clinic
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toms of hysteria had been present and had disappeared. Three
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had obtained immediate success, even in cases which had persisted for
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not only destroyed the part it touched, but the heat radiated
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followed except destruction of the mucous membrane of the
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lation of the State Society, of which committee he was formerly
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ness, the hrj-h-t is loosed by that which the divine Isis hath done;
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the distortion to yield more readily, with less distress to the pa-
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The Broad Ligaments with the Non-gravid Uterus (see
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Thiraft of Oligubu vhth Hydbopb. — ^Although we have no spedfio
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reader was satisfied that, where a deficiency of even 10 or 15 per
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against me in this land, in the Hall of Ma‘ at, because I know the
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focation from obstruction of the air-passage. This was due
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was perfectly proper to probe and try to find out the real condi-
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The Section in Laryngology. — Prepared Communications: The
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spirit of kindly criticism is one thing, but, until educated men
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their regular periodicity and then the tympanicity.