same regulations as the other students, it is unnecessary to

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with the Peloponnesos, where he was worshipped with

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highly suggestive and ingenious, and we commend its perusal to

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impulse given by the gods; (a) the mind intuitively per¬

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tissue elements is found within the cord, in the meshes of

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Professor of Hygiene, and Adjunct Professor of the Principles

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N. H., OD Sunday, and anchored at the quarantine station in

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on the top having a hole in the center to receive the blood

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flexion usually involved the metacarpo-phalangeal articulation;

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those female demons (Atharva., V, xxiii, 1). His physi¬

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be treated appropriately. Many of the wonderful effects produced by

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the first century a.d. ; 262 but it had slowly penetrated

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between the sick man and the supreme healer, he sought

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with other fibroid growths within the uterus. An operation

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relented, seized the babe from its mother’s womb, and

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erally give mercurials and the iodide of potassium, and apply

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healing sanctuary, and having attached to it a medical

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a bird (probably a raven) perched on his helmet, on a

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exception of Haoma and Mithra, they developed no cults.

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assumed, were used for consultations and treatment. Ac¬

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god, or an evil fiend, or sickness, or death, or phantom of the

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scribed above. Thorax: The ?;<7)(7« were exceedingly small, not

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that name; and being associated with the theology of

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glands at the root of the neck and in the axiUa often occurred.

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such statements as these, he deceives himself and his credu-

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is a cerebral stimulant and a great aid in nervous dyspnoea. As Huchard

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they exist in man only, or in all primates, or all mammals,

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who presided over the vital portions of the body, 196 par¬

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West’; yet her personality was essentially passive, and

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the intention of strengthening our present remedial atti-

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pearance of the membrane, the patients went on to convales-

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tution has presented its report, and the document contains seri-

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age of puberty, women at the climacteric, aged persons, and those in-

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May the fire-god, the strong one, break their charm.