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in one gramme of distilled water. Of this, ten centigrammes

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the latter were under the control of the pontifices, the

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ily and had never had any disease of the nervous system. The

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oat the State in endeavoring to secure more satisfactory legisla-

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M. D., etc. [Reprint from the " American Journal of the Medi-

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in loco, to subsequently spread through tlie whole organism.

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of hot milk, with or without flavoring, hot gruel, or hot broth upon

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sonal supervision of the operator himself. An error on the

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Bigelow, M. D., Washington, D. C. [Reprint from the " Ameri-

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account should the temperature or pulse be mentioned or

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all sacrifices were completely burned within the hieron,

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(this journal, April 5th, p. 376 ; April 26th, p. 460).

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of nervous affections, though it had not progressed with the

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neither the articular surfaces nor any of the soft parts of

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by discipline, and they ate the same food and at the same

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The lower limbs being held straight and stiff on a firm table,

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that the Long Island College Hospital believes in study

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wound is made in the thigh or the side of the leg. After scarification, a

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Billroth, Kocher, and the other German operators. Since

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the liver induced by percussion of the hepatic region, where

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and the marked constitutional disturbance which attends its

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heart'' aoeompsnying either aortic or mitiral lesions, but occurring even

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but little ground for the iiccusation that medical colleges resorted

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that many similar ones had been passed. The patient said there

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data concerning their religious faith and cultic usages

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tion as purely vascular, differentiating, with his accustomed

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brought on a fatal cerebral hajmorrhage by restraining his feel-