of infants, but in conjunction with subnitrate of bismuth. Guaita has
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tionally developed organs that absorption from their open
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pose of them by attributing their causation to some coinci-
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gen zur Geschichte und Altertumskunde Aegyptens, 1902, ii, 93-118.
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tory canal by reflected light showed its lining membrane of a
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a distinct area of consohdation at the root of the right lung, with attend-
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heemorrhage was much more likely to be severe than after an
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“to be empty, free from.” It is clear that her original
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a similar explanation. Any reasonable doubt as to the syphi-
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lows: Reports having been read of the sanitary condition of various
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See that you get what you prescribe Louisville, Ky.
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chart made by Dr. Phillips and Dr. Randall, from the charts of
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white matter, especially in pathological specimens. The
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moist gauze and cotton dressing, the patient is making a painless
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libations greeted the dawn with loud acclamations (Apu-
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a good dressing after these operations ; it does not fix the
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larity and thickness of the cervical walls, that they were easily
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patient is at one moment recovering from the effects of the
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readily. It is to me very distasteful, and many patients for whom it has
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no evil consequences, surely no one should follow such a pre-
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in the formation of the abscess was primary in the pleura ; and the
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there appears to have been a strong tendency toward
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cal men, however, who are willing to submit to this drawback, in order
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Marne) an inscription was found dedicated “Deo Apol-
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knee-joint mass, and would only add that the spindle cells are
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od of treating diphtheria, consisting largely of inhalations. The
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had no personal acquaintance with him, seemed always to speak
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minder of the time when he was still a god of the wild