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means of this change of form, and of multiplying by division. They are
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ature ; it is always feeble. It varies greatly in frequency and force, but
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It is to be remembered that the symptoms and course of this form of
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cavity. This process may end in gangrene. The peritoneum over the tu-
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discharge, which in a short time becomes muco-pumlent. The accessory
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6. Pupils. The pupils are iixed, and will not react to light. They
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pulsation in the arteries of the inflamed spot, but there is ne reason to
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to develop an acute phthisis, and small amounts in those of strong tuber-
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founded with it. In stomach diseases the absence of fever, the vomiting,
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A solution of alum, perchloride of iron, tannin, or the sulphate of zinc.
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are certain symptoms which are regarded as '' signs of worms," such as
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collapse, to contract toward its base near the spinal column, in the same
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or intestines have been injured, as from a stab or gunshot wound, the
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excoriations. Constitutional vices and tendencies should be corrected by
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Bandages are used tc hold splints and dressings in place, to support
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' Quite recently Cornil, in examining many specimens, fonnd no change in the hepatic cells.
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the destructive processes are so rapid as to cause pneumothorax. Acute
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in the tongue, and in some cases movements of the tongue induce pain of
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is done early, it will save deformity, suppuration, and sepsis. Further-
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gastric or intestinal disturbance, no diarrhoea, no distention of the abdo-
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Symptoms. — The first symptom of proctitis is tenesmus, — a feeling of ful-
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calibre, the condition is distinguished as the ** moniliform " dilatation of
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never recurrent. In pyaemia the temperature gradually rises to 103° to
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9nce, or to some obstruction to the flow of the fluids from the parts.
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that the murmur had been produced by mediastinal tumors pressing upon
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a quantity as this, in some cases, may constantly remain in the bladder,
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of fresh air and the best hygienic surroundings should be secured.
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with disease of the pneumatic nasal cavities. Necrosed bone acts as an
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patient is kept below 103° F., scarlatinal nephritis rarely occurs. This
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gin to change in color, losing their dark red hue and
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stone is grasped by the muscular contraction of the bladder. Pus and
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always the seat of a more or less acute catarrh. The veins are varicose and
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than in adults.' Relapses are extremely rare in this fever. I have met
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four days with '"no wind"), while its "sun temperature" rises even in
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its use than the cold bath, yet, doubtless, when judiciously employed, the
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eggs may be given with the milk. Xo fats should be allowed, or bread or
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very moist, of a dark brown or red color, and usually contains only a moder-
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The peritoneum and its contents are now stripped from the pelvic wall