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When the animal remains recumbent for long periods it must not

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chloroform should be given ; but if an impacted stone were found it

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exhibited very trifling post-operative symptoms. These results confirm

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established in 186S. It at present receives thirty patients; but the

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be ill. It had been at work from morning till night, and had been

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D. Embleton, M.D. On the Shoulder-tip Pain in Liver-Diseases.

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In consequence of loss of power in the triceps and anterior brachial

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disease affords conclusive evidence of their long continued over-action;

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patient was secured to the table and operated on by M. Almy.

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from ten to twenty drops of dilute hydrochloric acid with a vegetable

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The first patient was received on January 31st. From this date

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"If you lack in stature, you do not lack in fatness."

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Justina's Letters in reply to Miss Garrett's Defence of the Contagious Diseases Act.

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yellowish cancerous juice. They extended into the posterior wall of

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animal is accustomed to lie. Rheumatic paral}-sis, or paralysis a

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Esq.; M. H. Clayton, Esq.; A. Fleming, M.D. ; J. S. Gamgee, Esq.;

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ing of this Bill, said that he would withdraw it if he received an .assu-

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may fortunately be a brief one, as its doings closely resemble those of

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Von Dr. F. Loeffler, Chief Surgeon of ihe first Prussian Army.

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