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clear, yellow fluid, from which, on the addition of nitric acid, an
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schools was not read, but ordered to be printed in the minutes.
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puberty. Nelaton, Maisonneuve, and Chassaignac recom-
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who seated him in the chair of Memory, questioning him
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and called by name, while their older, distinctive charac¬
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plan of instruction at the Medical School bad recently been
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others would agree with his own, that pulmonary consumption
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So the doctor is the ambassador of science to fields be-
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An abdominal supporter In harmony with modern surgery and modern medicine
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them, the two must progress evenly. As we proceeded from a
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thinks that for aortic insufSciency the dose should be 3 times as large as
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after which he touched her body with his finger, where¬
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position of the child shoDld be carefully and accurately deter-
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disappearance or diminution of the cerebro-spinal fluid, or ab-
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A Letter from Dr. John L. Atlee, an ex-president of the
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on calling the meeting to order. The proceedings at the after-
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doses of j'j-of a grain hypodermically every second or third night,
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One word in regard to the present position of the opera-
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St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, of London, as we
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First, Second, and Third Annual Reports of the Secretary