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upon tlie external Genitalia. The Cataphoric action of the galvanic and primary current

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(Ovid, op. cit., ii, 31-32, 427 ft.; v, 101). 85 Because of this

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The images and emblems of the god. Auxiliary deities.

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processes of nature, the causes of which were not visible,

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The process was one of rapidly progressive molecular gangrene.

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aalvarsan at intervals of 7 days and followed by a vigorous use of mercury

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education related to the preliminary requisites for entering upon

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games, according to the Greek customs, were held to

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Technic of Abdominal Puncture. — :We usually use a trochar fitted

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histology, and it is intended to make it the most complete of its

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two sizes being found sufficient for all practical purposes.

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should be disinfected with the vapor of sulphurous acid, the