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growth was attached to the overlying skin, but not to the pec-

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of pressure from direct or reflex muscular contraction as is pos-

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called Archagetes. After the settlement at Epidauros

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C. C. Torrey, 44 A Phoenician Royal Inscription,” in JAOS, 1902, xxiii,

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The oil of Ea’s incantation, with the oil of Marduk’s incantation

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with some vigor, contrary to his expectations. The cliild's vi-

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give relief in insanity (Atharva., VI, cxi). The invocation

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Vosges, may really refer to her and Grannos. 35 He was

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lar for about two inches, and common carotid arteries were

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triumphing over the continued resistance of the public

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upon a milk diet, which is afterward changed gradually to a very light

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proved to he such — the bitartrate of potassium — was given the

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enough from the common run of them to be distinctive — a doctor's buggy.

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lieved to have been inscribed about 1350 b.c., consists of

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during the First Thirteen Centuries of Our Era, pp. 4 if.

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one grain ; this small quantity of permanganate certainly must

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92 See page 109, also Thompson, in ERE iv, 742; Jastrow, op. cit.,

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Finally, there is the preparation that Bright himself preferred. It

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Ausgrabungen der archaologischen Gesellschaft,” in ibid., 1877, ii,

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Weir has been appointed clinical professor of surgery.

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tion of the limb. 2. To the action of the adductors draw-

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four hours. Dr. Lees pointed out that these symptoms were evidently

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is strictly idiopathic, its genesis depending upon the blood

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the Army at the annual meeting of the American Medical Asso-

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instruments constantly required on a napkin or a towel

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mitted to go to the Catskill Mountains for three or four weeks,

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ness, his ease and fluency in conversation, his uncommon prac-

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Dr. Andrews was convinced, from numerous examinations of

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Ought Hereditary Transfer to be taken into Account in Lectures on

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