treatment of these maladies, including a presentation of the

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off with the sublimate solution ; the surrounding parts, as

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duction by Morton Prince, M. D. 8vo, wrappers, 50 cents net.

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When writing Advertisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine

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had developed anteriorly and beneath the peritonfeum in the

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or, from its situation or cause, likely to be attended with

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formed, imperfectly fibrillated connective tissue, such as was

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healing art from Cheiron and taught it to his sons, who

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tice. 24 Local deities assumed correlation with the great

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to have been a god of impregnation both of plants and

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During the Middle Kingdom the worship of Osiris made

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do we at the present day err in the other, by attributing most

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child-birth, the others being Hera and Artemis. 175 Both

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arteriosclerosis, asthma, chronic nephritis. Obviously indicated in

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17 ), as well as for oil (ib., XIY, 4), besides “chapters for

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110 S. Reinach, “Les chiens dans le culte d’Esculape,” in BA, 3 ser.,

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man who had received twenty-six bullet wounds without being

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which will prolong the bleeding. If a leech should get into the stomach,

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giddiness, and even of apoplexy, which take place in the sub-

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College by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, one of the trustees of the col-