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tics," the " homoeopaths," and the " pliysio-medicalists" occapy-

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women of the fruit of the womb. It was believed that the

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Opigena. Partula. Perfica. Pertunda. Populona. Porrima.

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fessor Macewen, of Glasgow ; Osteotomy for Club-foot (Cuneiform Os-

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Theogonia, 765), to daimons, demigods, heroes, and the

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had little or no pain over the liver, but there was enlargement

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and respective influence; nor could the Roman who deprecated

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amination was made under ether. Even then the diagnosis was

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C. W. Chamberlain ; New Haven County, F. H. Whitte.more ;

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20th. — New dressing applied ; discharge a little more

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conclusion, the reader believed that men, especially young men,

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myths recount the circumstances surrounding the birth,

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Look Out for the Collar Button . .1 1293 Illegitimate Births in Germany 1298

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ment of sensibility. There was no sypliilitic history, nor was

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kinson remarked that, in his opinion, but i&vi of these cases

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were likely to be put on record, and thus there would be a bet-

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lieved from duty at Fort Walla Walla, Washington Territory,

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A tract of land of nearly one hundred and fifty acres has

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the choice of the best and most uniformly stable digitalis preparations.

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Spreading southward, it gained a firm foothold in the

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in the arts, or the hand which he used with magic healing

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part as the flocculus is seldom figured in such a way as to

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John N. Mackenzie, M. D., etc. [Reprint from the "Trans, of

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the disease aat.’ nsi Diseases of animals were caused by

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which there had been all tlie symptoms of locomotor ataxia,

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seemed further to have warranted the early operation, although

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pectoris. 4. Cases where some symptoms of cardiac insufficiency

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area, the continuity of all, the contiguity of some which are